Wedding Gifts for Grooms: A Tradition Brides Shouldn’t Ignore

The answer is: Yes, it’s expected.But it’s also a chance for all you brides out there to truly show you know that not everything is about you on your wedding day. That there really is another person involved (that would be the groom) who deserves a bit of recognition, too.We’re talking wedding presents — specifically, yours to your husband-to-be.Tradition does, indeed, hold that both you and he exchange gifts. And while it’s true that some guys are initially shocked to learn your engagement ring doesn’t also count as a “present,” that’s no excuse for you to waver.”Giving him something that’s just for him will make him feel really special,” advises’s what you need to know now that it’s prime time for weddings: Continue reading

Things to Think about When Planning a Tent Wedding

  • Vision!It helps to figure out everything you’re dreaming of for your wedding day. Do you visualize a formal affair with a sit down dinner or something more social like unique food stations?  Every vision will require a different layout.
  • Location, Location, Location!Your wedding might be held at your home or at a venue, so knowing as much information about the location is a great start when planning your wedding. Where are the closest hotels?  What is the plan for parking?  Are there local ordinances that will effect a tented wedding?
  • Temperature!You want your guests to be comfortable! The weather can vary depending on what month, or even what time of day, you’re getting married.  A wedding mid-summer may be super warm, so be sure to rent fans to keep your guests cool!  If your wedding is during cooler months, you’ll definitely want to have your guests be cozy.  Renting a heater can warm the tent, and your guests, right up!
  • Be an Early Bird!When booking a tent, it is best to do it sooner rather than later!
  • Have a Rain Plan!While we hate saying the “R” word but…having a rain plan is the best way to keep your special day completely worry-free so that your guests, tables, florals, and décor can all be kept safe and dry from any rain storms that may roll through! If indoor spaces aren’t an option you could consider a rain plan conditional tent rental.
  • Finding the Perfect Flooring!There are so many choices when it comes to flooring! If your crowd will tend to be more subdued maybe you want just a small dance floor, if your family is known for their dancing “skills” then maybe you’ll want a larger floor to give Uncle Joe plenty of room to do his signature moves.  If you’re worried that grass + high heels = bad news, you might want to consider a full floor for your tent.
  • Reserving the Right Tent!A tent that is too small can impact the overall flow of your wedding, and some factors, such as the amount of people attending or, if you’re having a plated meal or a buffet, contribute to the size tent that you’ll be needing. It helps to talk through all these things with your tent company to make sure everything will have a place in the tent for your wedding day.
  • Shine Bright!Lighting is an easy way to add a dramatic touch to your wedding. Be sure to ask us about the lighting options available to you!
  • Sound Check!If you’re having a DJ or a Band play at your wedding, be sure to do a sound check so that it can be heard throughout the tent. Some towns have requirements on how loud the music can be or how late it can be played until, so be sure to find out that information and share it with your entertainment beforehand!

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5 Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion — something to be celebrated and cherished. Planning it, on the other hand, can feel as if you’re preparing for war — between ensuring that Uncle Sal isn’t sitting next to his brother, who owes him money, to budgeting for everything you want and need. The one thing you don’t want to skimp on is the memories.

Which is why choosing your photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make. To help ensure that you get the most romantic photos of your fairytale day, Professional Photographers of America, a 29,000-plus-member association, offers these suggestions: Continue reading

Wedding Dress Trends We Love

1). Separates

No matter your personal style, this bridal trend is for everyone. Looking for something contemporary?  Something more formal?  Something with a bohemian vibe?  Unsure of what you’re looking for?  Separates are the way to go.  With separates, you can create your very own custom look for your wedding- you can mix and match the skirt and top to find the perfect fit for you!

If you are looking for a way to have multiple dresses for your wedding day, this is the way to go- you can wear one style skirt for the ceremony and formal pictures, but change into a different style for the reception!

2). Neutral ColorsWhile most wedding gowns come in white, we are seeing more and more designers add the option of having the dress made in a neutral color. Ranging from beautiful blush tones to lighter shades of gray and champagne, brides are able to find the most flattering color to wear on their special day. Continue reading

The Man’s Guide to Selecting Wedding Bands

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rebeccagreg0388$!600xCongratulations to all you soon-to-be grooms. Now that your wedding is only months away, your jewelry collection — just a watch, huh? — is about to increase by as much as 50 percent.

Meaning, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of wedding band you want for yourself.

Wedding bands have become the norm for men in recent years

— 97 percent of grooms in The Knot Market Intelligence’s “2011 Engagement & Jewelry Study” opted for one — so even if you have any doubts, your bride will probably set you straight. That means your only real decision is what kind of band best suits you. Continue reading

Hair and Make Up Tips

If you’re renting a tent for your wedding, you know you’ll be spending a lot of time outside on your big day!  The last thing you’ll want to worry about is your hair and make-up, so we have a few tricks to keep everything looking picture perfect!

  • Trial Runs are Key!Never pass up the opportunity for a trial run of your hair and make up for your wedding- even if it is multiple trials. When doing this, be sure to mention to your stylist that you are renting a tent for your wedding.  They will be able to ensure that your look is comfortable and secure, but can also add some extra pins or spray to ensure that it holds up in warm weather or strong winds (and endless dancing!).
  • Create an Emergency Kit!This is an essential behind the scenes item to have on your wedding day- if you’re in a pinch, you’ll be thankful you put this together! This could be one large kit, or you could have each of your bridesmaids hold a few items in their own clutch or wristlet on the day of the wedding.  Stock up on anything and everything you’ll need for that day- from bobby pins to deodorant to band-aids to nail files!  Be sure to include weather related items, such as bug spray, sunblock, or chapstick- your tent wedding will be outside, and you want to make sure you’re comfortable!
  • Find a Primer that is Right for You!You know that you’ll have a busy day ahead of you- no matter what time of day your wedding starts, you’ll have to start getting ready early in the morning and you’ll be celebrating late into the night. You want your make up to be picture perfect the entire time, and the best trick to doing so is using a primer.  Primers are used to help your make-up go on smoother and last longer, and are available in a cream, gel, or powder.  Primers come in a variety of formulas and colors, each having a different effect, so you’ll want to make sure you find the best fit for you before your wedding day (this is where make-up trials come in handy!).
  • Set It and Forget It!On your wedding day, you’re going to be smiling, laughing, drinking, eating, dancing, and celebrating- it’s a fun-filled, special, yet emotional day! You don’t want your lipstick smudging during dinner, or your mascara running during the toasts.  A setting spray or powder will save your look- you can even keep some in your Emergency Kit if you feel like you may need a little extra support!

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Budget-Conscious Brides Trim Bill With Destination Weddings

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Tying the knot isn’t what it used to be. The wedding industry is as profitable as primetime football, celebrities compete for the shortest, most gimmicky marriages (72 days or less?) and the exotic appeal of a romantic getaway has led to the widespread popularity of destination weddings.

One in every 10 weddings features an exotic locale, or at least a location neither the bride nor groom calls home. While there’s no absolute explanation as to why destination weddings have started a bridal takeover, the hefty price of typical weddings is reason enough for many — especially if Daddy isn’t footing the bill.

“If done correctly, destination weddings can be a cheaper alternative for everyone. Guests don’t have to buy expensive gifts, just a ticket. All the money spent on the wedding party, venues, refreshments, cake, reception and decor is significantly reduced if not cut altogether, “explains Nini Pardo, wedding planner at Stay in Costa Rica, an accommodations and rental management company.

The author of “Destination Weddings for Dummies,” Susan Breslow Sardone, says the traditional American wedding costs an average of $28,082, whereas destination weddings average around $20,600.

“Some of the cost difference is definitely a result of resorts and hotels capitalizing on the trend. Many now offer the full wedding package with wedding planners, musicians, photographers, etc. We employ full-time wedding coordinators, like myself, to craft intimate weddings at our Los Suenos Resort,” Pardo adds. “We’ve found it really appealing to budget-conscious brides.”

Budget-conscious brides have become a trend as well, according to Patricia MacArthur, executive director of — a go-to authority on all things wedding-related. MacArthur says more brides are trimming expenses by taking the DIY route for guest favors and some decorative elements.

For tropical weddings especially, many of the cheaper, DIY options are more easily packed into suitcases. For instance, colorful fabric is being used to replace flowers and native delicacies are replacing towering cakes.

An extra tip from the experts, when considering the perfect setting to make your vows and possibly trash the dress: look at locations that are one flight away from you and most of your guests. Direct flights tend to be cheaper and less hassle. To learn more about saying “I do” in Kennebunkport Maine visit

Rules of Engagement: What to Know Before Popping the Question



rebeccagreg0204$!600xChoosing the right engagement ring can help make your big moment memorable.

An engagement ring symbolizes your promise to love and cherish your partner forever, and shows the world your commitment to your fiancée. Many women dream about their engagement ring their entire lives, so choosing the right style is of utmost importance.

Here are some tips to ease the pressure of finding the ring and proposing:

It’s Not Only About the Diamond

A ring’s setting is as important as its diamond because the setting is what displays and secures the stone. Platinum provides an ideal setting as it is stronger than other precious metals, which means that you don’t have to worry about losing the center stone with everyday wear. Also, platinum is a naturally white metal, allowing the diamond to sparkle even brighter. Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring


whitney_grayson_450(pp_w755_h504)Looking at your loved one’s existing jewelry can help you find an engagement ring that fits her personal style.

Your fiancée will wear her engagement ring every day for the rest of her life, so choosing the perfect ring is crucial.

How do you know if you are buying the right ring? Follow these simple tips from the experts at Jewelry Information Center, a non-profit trade association that has offered consumers information about fine jewelry for over 60 years:

– Look at her existing jewelry wardrobe. The jewelry your partner has will give you hints about her personal style. If she owns a lot of sterling silver or white gold, then she is a cool-metal person, making a white gold, platinum or palladium ring an ideal choice. If she has more yellow metals, then she is a warm-metal woman, so stick to yellow gold or rose gold.

– Figure out her personal style. Does your fiancée-to-be like traditional or non-traditional designs? If she prefers bold and funky jewelry, she probably doesn’t want a very classic engagement ring.

– Pay attention. Note her reaction to other women’s engagement rings. You can discover her clear preferences that way.

– When in doubt, ask one of her friends. Find a trustworthy friend who knows her style. He or she will be able to get a lot of information that you can’t obtain without sounding suspicious.

– Shop with her. Couples often shop together for their engagement rings and wedding bands. Want to surprise her? Narrow down the selection between two or three rings so she won’t know exactly which one she will receive. Then plan the date, location and a memorable style.

– Shop with a reputable jeweler. At the end of the day, where you shop is the most important factor. Shop with a jeweler you trust who will walk you through the process.

– Make note of the exchange or return policy. If she would still prefer a different ring, you will need to make sure you can exchange it.

For more information on fine jewelry and engagement ring trends or to find a reputable jeweler near you, visit Jewelry Information Center at

How to Choose the Perfect Honeymoon Destination


Romance and relaxation, in an idyllic setting, await honeymooners at The Villa Group Resorts.parker_king_wedding9265$!x600So, you are engaged and ready to choose that romantic spot for your first getaway as husband and wife. But where should you go?

A lot of couples have difficulty finding the honeymoon destination that is “just right” for them. There are so many things to consider, like the season, accommodations, and types of leisure activities available. But actually, making a decision can be simple once you know what you are looking for. The Villa Group – experts in matching clients with their ideal holiday destination – advise couples to consider the following, before they make their choice: Continue reading