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10 Surprising Wedding Trends You’ll Be Excited to See in 2017

by Anne ChertoffEvery year brides, grooms and their wedding vendors come up with exciting new ways to decorate and execute weddings. We’ve seen the signature drink evolve into a themed bar, wedding cakes turn into cupcake towers and even wedding dresses turn from pure white into shades of pink. WeddingWire reached out to some of the country’s most creative wedding vendors to find out what they have planned for 2017 weddings.

  1. Custom Bars

While 2015 was the introduction of the themed bar, 2017 is upping the traditional bar by making it a more interactive element during the cocktail hour and reception. “Instead of going with standard tables and linens, couples are opting towards custom built or vintage bars,” says wedding planner Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss in Portland and Seattle. Bars can be decked out with flowers or fabric backdrops. Accessories can include personalized cocktail napkins, stirrers and coasters. And for the bar menu, large chalkboards can explain all the different options to your guests either hanging overhead or on a stand.  Continue reading

6 Tips for Dealing with the Party Animals in Your Wedding Party

by Lauren RodrigueThere are two types of wedding party attendants out there. There’s the type who will think of your wedding as a symbolic culmination of your and your partner’s love and devotion to one another, and a dramatic step forward into a new phase of your relationship, and then there’s the type who will think of your wedding as a chance to get totally insanely wasted! It’s not that those in the former camp won’t let loose on your big day, or those in the latter camp aren’t super psyched on you and your soon-to-be spouse’s love—it’s just that some bridesmaids and groomsmen really like to get totally insanely wasted. Continue reading

How to Write a Funny Wedding Speech

by Lindsay Pietroluongo


You’ve been asked to make a speech at a wedding and you want keep things funny, not sappy. The good news is that you don’t have to be Kristen Wiig or Chris Rock to give a toast that’s hilarious. Here’s how to write a wedding speech that will get your audience laughing aloud.

Get inspired

Need to find some inspiration? Brainstorm ideas while watching your favorite sitcom or funny movie, or listening to a stand-up comic. You don’t want to copy the jokes you hear word for word, but they may spark your own creativity. While it’s tempting to steal a great punch line, remember that you’ll get a better response from a joke that’s original.

Make it quick

Wedding speeches only have to be two or three minutes long. If you go any longer, you’ll start to lose people’s attention, causing your humor to land flat. Continue reading

Honeymooners Are Opting for the Romance, Adventure of Cruises

There are 2.5 million weddings in the United States each year, and the weddings business is a $40 billion annual industry, including the ceremony, reception, bachelor(-ette) parties and honeymoon.Increasingly, newlyweds are opting for a cruise for a cost-effective and carefree honeymoon. About 5,000 weddings and vow renewals happen on cruises every year, and cruises now account for 15 percent of all honeymoons.The inclusive nature of a cruise is a leading factor in the decision. A cruise provides a week of great food, pampering and entertainment for about $2,500 or less per person.Most newlyweds say they prefer a week in a fun-and-sun destination. That makes cruises doubly attractive, since they visit several ports and offer a selection of shore tours. Continue reading

Before You Marry, Meld and Merge a Perfectly Accessorized Home

Some brides-to-be might find it hard to think beyond the intense planning that a wedding requires. But beyond the pomp and circumstance of the big day, it’s important to think ahead to mergers — not the corporate kind, but the merging of styles and décor to set up a home the bride and groom will both love.Forget Mars and Venus. Men are from the planet of mismatched furniture and floor coverings, while women accessorize their home with as much care and finesse as they do their wardrobes. Ideally, decorating a first home together begins with the furniture and accessories near and dear to both the bride and groom.But if a bride-to-be can’t live with her fiancé’s 1970s thrift store coffee table and orange bean bag chair, chances are he won’t be thrilled with her antique oak hope chest and ornately carved sleigh bed. Can these two conflicting schemes co-exist after the couple has crossed the threshold? Continue reading

6 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Photos Like A Pro

With everything that goes into your wedding day, those once-in-a-lifetime moments will go by in a blur, which is why hiring a professional wedding photographer is a must. After all, the last thing you should be worrying about is whether your photographer will be able to capture your big day.The key? Prepare yourself so that you can accurately evaluate the “right” photographer for you.”The best photographer will take the time to build a rapport with you and use his or her experience and creativity to capture the mood, personality, ambiance and even the geography of your wedding,” says PPA (Professional Photographers of America) photographer Berit Bizjak. “The finest wedding photography is more than a series of still pictures. It’s physical poetry — it tells the story of the day and portrays the essence of both people and place.” Continue reading

4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

There are a few big purchases in life that you really don’t want to mess up — a first house, a health care plan, a new car, and especially, the engagement ring for your loved one.According to The Knot, a popular wedding inspiration magazine and planning website, the decision is so important it takes consumers more than three months to find the perfect ring, and the average cost is $5,000.If you’re starting to sweat under the pressure, here’s a step-by-step guide to make your decision easier:

  1. Determine the Metal

* Platinum is a naturally white metal, meaning it will never fade, change color, or need to be re-dipped or re-plated.* White gold, on the other hand, is a created by adding an alloy mix to yellow gold. As the white color fades, the ring will need to be re-dipped a few times each year. Continue reading

Things to Think about When Planning a Tent Wedding

  • Vision!It helps to figure out everything you’re dreaming of for your wedding day. Do you visualize a formal affair with a sit down dinner or something more social like unique food stations?  Every vision will require a different layout.
  • Location, Location, Location!Your wedding might be held at your home or at a venue, so knowing as much information about the location is a great start when planning your wedding. Where are the closest hotels?  What is the plan for parking?  Are there local ordinances that will effect a tented wedding?
  • Temperature!You want your guests to be comfortable! The weather can vary depending on what month, or even what time of day, you’re getting married.  A wedding mid-summer may be super warm, so be sure to rent fans to keep your guests cool!  If your wedding is during cooler months, you’ll definitely want to have your guests be cozy.  Renting a heater can warm the tent, and your guests, right up!
  • Be an Early Bird!When booking a tent, it is best to do it sooner rather than later!
  • Have a Rain Plan!While we hate saying the “R” word but…having a rain plan is the best way to keep your special day completely worry-free so that your guests, tables, florals, and décor can all be kept safe and dry from any rain storms that may roll through! If indoor spaces aren’t an option you could consider a rain plan conditional tent rental.
  • Finding the Perfect Flooring!There are so many choices when it comes to flooring! If your crowd will tend to be more subdued maybe you want just a small dance floor, if your family is known for their dancing “skills” then maybe you’ll want a larger floor to give Uncle Joe plenty of room to do his signature moves.  If you’re worried that grass + high heels = bad news, you might want to consider a full floor for your tent.
  • Reserving the Right Tent!A tent that is too small can impact the overall flow of your wedding, and some factors, such as the amount of people attending or, if you’re having a plated meal or a buffet, contribute to the size tent that you’ll be needing. It helps to talk through all these things with your tent company to make sure everything will have a place in the tent for your wedding day.
  • Shine Bright!Lighting is an easy way to add a dramatic touch to your wedding. Be sure to ask us about the lighting options available to you!
  • Sound Check!If you’re having a DJ or a Band play at your wedding, be sure to do a sound check so that it can be heard throughout the tent. Some towns have requirements on how loud the music can be or how late it can be played until, so be sure to find out that information and share it with your entertainment beforehand!

Continue reading

5 Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion — something to be celebrated and cherished. Planning it, on the other hand, can feel as if you’re preparing for war — between ensuring that Uncle Sal isn’t sitting next to his brother, who owes him money, to budgeting for everything you want and need. The one thing you don’t want to skimp on is the memories.

Which is why choosing your photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make. To help ensure that you get the most romantic photos of your fairytale day, Professional Photographers of America, a 29,000-plus-member association, offers these suggestions: Continue reading

Wedding Dress Trends We Love

1). Separates

No matter your personal style, this bridal trend is for everyone. Looking for something contemporary?  Something more formal?  Something with a bohemian vibe?  Unsure of what you’re looking for?  Separates are the way to go.  With separates, you can create your very own custom look for your wedding- you can mix and match the skirt and top to find the perfect fit for you!

If you are looking for a way to have multiple dresses for your wedding day, this is the way to go- you can wear one style skirt for the ceremony and formal pictures, but change into a different style for the reception!

2). Neutral ColorsWhile most wedding gowns come in white, we are seeing more and more designers add the option of having the dress made in a neutral color. Ranging from beautiful blush tones to lighter shades of gray and champagne, brides are able to find the most flattering color to wear on their special day. Continue reading