3 Tips To Keep Your Wedding Design Cohesive Using Event Rentals

Your wedding design evokes a unique sentiment and feeling on your big day. In order to create a design that speaks to you as a... Read More

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Your wedding design evokes a unique sentiment and feeling on your big day. In order to create a design that speaks to you as a couple and to your celebration, it’s crucial that your wedding design remains cohesive throughout every element.

As a large part of the design on your wedding day, your wedding rentals are invaluable for seeing this cohesion through. Between furniture, a tent, tabletop decor, and any additional decor, you’re looking at the bulk of your wedding’s design.

So how can you keep it all cohesive, so that each element of your wedding goes together? From the first invitation in the mail to the final sparkler lit during your exit from the reception, here’s how your wedding rentals can pull your wedding design together.

1. What’s your style?

Giving your wedding design style a name can often help paint a better picture for your big day, helping you to hone in on what’s going to go with your design style and what isn’t. Understanding your wedding design style will also help keep everything from your wedding website to your table settings to the thank you gifts nice and cohesive. Every detail you choose should match the overall design aesthetic, including any rentals. 

So what’s your wedding design style? Are you more classic modern or rustic chic? Ballroom glamor or country cozy?

2. Play off of the venue.

Before you sign on the dotted line for your event rentals, it’s important to think of the venue as the core of your design. Everything else tends to follow the venue, so make sure that you choose a space that matches the look, feel, and overall design style you’re going after.

For example, if you want a classic and traditional wedding, a barn venue probably isn’t the right choice. However, you could work with a traditional garden setting.

3. Keep your color scheme throughout everything.

One of the biggest ways to keep your wedding design cohesive is through the use of color. While you may have multiple colors in your design scheme, there are likely one or two main colors that you want to showcase. These colors – or complementary neutral colors – should make up the bulk of any rentals you make.

In this example, most of the colors on the tables are neutral tones, except for the subtle pops of teal in the linens.

Keep your wedding design cohesive through the use of the right event rentals. And for help with those rentals for your wedding in New England, don’t forget to contact us at Sperry Tents Seacoasat!

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