You don’t have to deal with the heat of summer.

David Stark, wedding and event planner and owner of David Stark Design says to forget what you’ve heard about June being the best time to tie the knot.  “Watching a black-tie ceremony take place beneath the beating sun is no one’s idea of chic,” he explains. “Running makeup, sweat stains, parasols that block other guest’s views of the nuptials, even wilting flowers that just can’t hold up to the heat are just some of the seasonal hazards of a summer wedding. But December weddings avoid the heat—and it just feels like the time of year to dress up and wear something sparkly and elegant.”

The options for décor are endless (and easy!).

Love holiday-inspired décor, like wreaths, trees, and evergreen boughs? Stark says you can (and should!) embrace those ideas for a December wedding. “You can easily enhance a grand staircase with garland, hang a wreath on the entryways or light up a corner tree,” he says. “Your neighborhood hardware store has shelves filled with boxes of mini-lights to drape over a ballroom, filling its ceiling with shimmering light. Potted paper-whites in profusion might enhance your escort card table with glory. We always think seasonal for flowers and foliage, and in the December season, one’s options are decidedly holiday. Run with it!”

It’s easier to throw in “extras.”

“December tends to be a slower month for weddings, probably because people are pulled in so many directions with family, holidays, and work,” says Anthony Taccetta, wedding and event planner and owner of Anthony Taccetta Event Design. For that reason, you’re often in a better position to negotiate with your vendors on certain details. “It might not always be a cost savings,” he adds, “but you could get something additional at no extra cost.”

There are less weddings happening.

“Since it’s a slower time of year, you have a better chance of you securing your ideal venue and the vendors you want to work with,” explains Jessica Janik, wedding planner at The Invisible Bridesmaid. ” Plus, your guests and vendors are looking to celebrate something, which means they’re usually really excited to have a wedding to look forward to. Having guests who genuinely want to be there and are happy and excited participate in your wedding makes all the difference.”

December weddings are cozier weddings.

If you’ve been dreaming of an intimate wedding, book a December date. “Think smaller, more intimate affairs with a fireplace for ambiance and hot chocolate for dessert,” says Leah Weinberg, wedding planner and owner at Color Pop Events. “A small December wedding is the ultimate way to make your wedding feel extra special and private.”

People tend to be less stressed.

When your family, friends, and vendors have less going on, the happier they’ll be. “Working with vendors who are less stressed than usual is such a plus,” says Janik, noting that your wedding pros probably have more time on their hands right now, too. “Having the entire wedding party full of holiday cheer is even better. It also helps all around that your guests aren’t currently experiencing wedding fatigue from all the spring and summer weddings they attended.”