5 Financial Conversations to Have Prior To Your Wedding

Your big day is fast approaching and you’ve been planning everything to perfection.  But what about life after the wedding? Have you been planning for... Read More

Your big day is fast approaching and you’ve been planning everything to perfection

But what about life after the wedding? Have you been planning for the marriage too?

One of the biggest disputes in married couples involves money, so having those tough financial conversations now will save a lot of heartache (and raised voices) later.

Here are 5 financial conversations you should have prior to your wedding.

1. Your money story

We all have different experiences with money — both past and present. Since money can be a very emotionally charged subject, it’s important to get on the same page as your fiance about finances. 

While that’s not to say you need to be in total agreement with your money beliefs, it’s helpful for you both to know each other’s money backgrounds and how that may be affecting your current relationships with money.

In short, what’s most important is that you and your spouse put all of your cards (so to speak) on the table when it comes to finances.

2. Get honest

It’s no secret that honesty is a cornerstone of a good marriage, and money habits are no different. 

Start by talking about any debt you both have, along with current savings plans, and any and all financial accounts you both have. Don’t forget to divulge things like your credit score too. 

3. Make a plan

Finances are most successfully accomplished in a marriage when there is a clear plan for success and everyone is on board. 

Make a financial plan that makes sense for you both by talking through how you’ll handle money in your home.

Are you spenders or savers? Is one of you and spender and the other is the saver? Who is or will be in charge of paying the bills and managing money, or will it be a joint effort?

Then, take the time to talk about how money will be both spent and saved and who is responsible for what.

4. Combining finances

Modern couples choose to go any number of routes between keeping separate financial accounts to combining everything.

It’s critical you take the time to decide how you plan to combine — or perhaps not combine — your money once you’re married. 

5. Create financial goals

Finances are an ongoing marital conversation. From tackling debt to saving for retirement to determining how and when you’ll make purchases, it’s important to start creating financial goals as a team.

Start before you’re married by sitting down to determine how you’ll pay off your students loans together, save for the big trip (or wedding!) together, and how you’ll save for retirement one day.

Working toward financial goals together helps create a rock solid start to your marriage.

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