5 Reasons Why Your Outdoor Event Would Benefit From Luxury Restroom Trailers

When you plan a wedding or special event, there are certain details that are top of mind. The date, the venue, the decor, catering, and... Read More

Luxury Mobile Restrooms for Wedding or Event Rental

When you plan a wedding or special event, there are certain details that are top of mind. The date, the venue, the decor, catering, and entertainment typically get top billing…as they should.

But what about the bathrooms?

When you host an outdoor wedding or event, the restrooms are a commonly overlooked element. 

Sure, your venue may offer some rustic bathrooms nearby. But does that really align with the type of event you’re planning? Are your guests going to be comfortable in those accommodations?

If the answer is “no,” then you’re in luck…because there’s another option.

Luxury restroom trailers offer your outdoor wedding or event all the comfort of an indoor venue with the ability to host your event outside.

Here are 5 more reasons why your outdoor event would benefit from restroom trailers:

  1. More space inside
  2. More stalls
  3. Glass mirrors
  4. Customizable and upscaled appearance
  5. Modern conveniences

1. More space inside

It’s no secret that your run-of-the-mill porta potty won’t have a lot of room inside. They’re notoriously cramped and awkward for party goers – especially when you’re trying to finagle using the restroom with cocktail or evening attire on.

With luxury restroom trailers, you and your guests will enjoy similar space (and comfort) as you would in your typical bathroom indoor stall.

2. More stalls

Speaking of space, there’s no reason to rent a one stall restroom for your guests. With luxury mobile restrooms, several guests can use the bathroom at once with multiple stalls.

The number of stalls will vary based on the rental company you use, but many vary in size from 2 stalls up to over 10 stalls.

3. Glass mirrors

Something else you might easily forget by renting simple portable restrooms versus luxury restroom trailers is that your guests will likely want to use a mirror on their way out of the bathroom!

Men and women alike often check to make sure their hair, clothing, and any other personal details look just right after using the facilities. Plus, using a mirror is a great opportunity to make sure there isn’t any food stuck in your teeth!

4. Customizable and upscaled appearance

The last thing you want at your outdoor wedding or special event is an unattractive porta potty right in the center of all the excitement.

Luxury mobile restrooms offer you the added benefit of upscaling the overall appearance of your event with a simple and subtle trailer. What’s more is you can customize the appearance of your restroom trailer with elements from your event.

From floral arrangements to special touches like custom signage, you can make a luxury restroom trailer your own!

5. Modern conveniences

Not only do luxury mobile bathrooms have glass mirrors and more stalls, they also have a lot of conveniences your guests have come to expect with the facilities.

From heating for the winter to A/C in the summer to good lighting so guests feel safe to good ventilation so they always smell fresh, you’ll love having all the convenience of indoor plumbing and electricity at your outdoor event. 

These are just five (of the many) reasons why your outdoor event would benefit from luxury restroom rentals. 

And for help with New England event restroom rentals, give us a call at Sperry Tents Seacoast!

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