6 Ways to Save on Wedding Decor Rentals

Decor plays a big part in bringing a wedding theme to life. From the table and chair rentals to the glassware and serving platters to... Read More

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Decor plays a big part in bringing a wedding theme to life. From the table and chair rentals to the glassware and serving platters to the floral and table decor, there’s a lot of time, effort, and money that goes into the perfect decor.

But decor rentals don’t need to eat up your entire budget. Here are six ways to save on your wedding decor rentals.

1. DIY

The first and most obvious way to save on your wedding decor rentals is to do it yourself. Websites like Pinterest boast thousands of unique and fun ideas for DIY wedding decor, from signs to place settings to centerpieces and much more.

Get your wedding party together for an evening of creativity and bonding, while you work on some fun DIY projects together for the big day.

2. Keep it simple

There’s no need to go overboard on decor, unless it’s meaningful to you. For instance, choose to rent only one set of glassware instead of multiple types. Or choose to show off your farm table rentals and don’t worry about tablecloth rentals.

Focus your effort (and your wedding budget) on the decor that means the most to you and keep everything else simple.

3. Rent with a dual purpose

Keep the big picture in mind with your rentals. There’s no need to have two sets of wedding chair rentals for both ceremony and reception, when you could rent just one set to seat all your guests and have them moved from the ceremony space to the reception. Also use this tip for chairs, lighting, tables, and more. 

4. Consider setup and breakdown

Does your venue or event rental company include setup and breakdown of the decor rentals? Or can you manage it yourself?

It’s possible to save some money in your wedding budget by soliciting some wedding helpers to be in charge of setting up certain rentals and cleaning them up after the reception. Ask your rental vendor if this is doable and include it in your contract.

5. Minimize vendors

Choose to work with one wedding decor rental vendor if possible. Often, the more you rent, the more potential savings you may be able to accrue. If not on the cost of the rentals themselves, you’ll certainly save in one-time setup and breakdown fees (if required by the vendor).

6. Think outside the box

Gone are the days where every wedding reception table is covered with ornate flower decorations. (Although, if that’s what you want, go for it!) 

Instead, brides and wedding planners alike have become much more creative with decor, thinking outside the box within the wedding’s theme. Consider using meaningful items you already have around the house or can borrow from friends or family. Check out some unique ideas for decorating your tables here.

Follow these 6 ways for saving with your wedding decor rentals, so you can use the budget elsewhere for your big day!

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