7 Ways To Ring in 2023 on New Year’s Eve in Portland & New England

Every year, Portland and the rest of New England celebrate a new year with excitement and joy. There are so many things to do for... Read More

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Every year, Portland and the rest of New England celebrate a new year with excitement and joy. There are so many things to do for New Year’s Eve in Portland, Maine, and all across New England that it’s difficult to choose! 

Whether you’re looking for low-key activities or wild parties, there is something for everyone for ringing in the new year. Here are seven ways you can celebrate this special night. 

7 Things To Do For New Year’s Eve In New England

#1: Attend a Party or Concert

One of the most popular ways to ring in the new year is by attending a party or concert. Portland and the rest of New England offer plenty of opportunities to take part in a show or a dance party on December 31st. 

Check out local venues like State Theater Port City Music Hall and Aura for some of the best entertainment around. 

#2: Catch Fireworks

What better way to ring on New Year’s Eve in Maine than by watching an impressive fireworks display? 

Portland has plenty of magnificent spots from which to view the colorful explosions, including Eastern Promenade Park and Back Cove Park

Other cities around New England also put on stunning fireworks shows during this special time of year. 

#3: Have a virtual party on Zoom 

Have friends and family near and far? Gather your favorite people virtually by hosting a Zoom call and playing games like charades or trivia. 

Get crafty by having everyone decorate their backgrounds with festive props, or have everyone create their own version of a champagne toast to celebrate the start of 2023 together! 

#4: Stay In and Watch Movies

Not everyone wants to go out on New Year’s Eve and that’s ok. If you’d rather stay home with your family, why not watch some classic holiday movies together? 

Some great options include It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Miracle On 34th Street, Elf, Love Actually, and The Holiday. 

#5: Go Skiing or Snowboarding

If you’re looking for an active way to spend your evening, why not hit up one of Maine’s ski resorts? Sunday River is an excellent option as it offers skiing until midnight, when they set off their own fireworks show! 

Other glorious spots include Camden Snow Bowl, Shawnee Peak, Lost Valley, Big Squaw Mountain, Sugarloaf, and more!      

#6: Take a Road Trip

Take a road trip around Portland and New England to get the best experience from multiple areas. 

Put together an itinerary that features all of your favorite spots around town (or region!), stopping along the way for food, activities, and sightseeing before watching fireworks from different locations as you drive back home after midnight hits! 

#7: Cook up a Storm in the Kitchen

Learn new recipes that you can share with friends throughout the night or challenge yourself to try something completely new—like baking bread from scratch or making homemade sushi rolls! 

#8: Celebrate the Boston Way

First Night Boston is a one-of-a-kind New Year’s Eve celebration that takes over the city of Boston each year. Head to Copley Square and the Back Bay and be dazzled by mesmerizing ice sculptures, fantastic light displays, and live music that will bring in the new year in style. 

Take part in indoor and outdoor activities while experiencing this unforgettable event with family and friends — it will be an evening you won’t soon forget! So don’t miss your chance to experience First Night Boston and celebrate the turn of the new year in New England uniquely.

#9: Have a Spa Day at Home

For a fun, relaxing night. light some candles, put on soothing music, set out cozy blankets (and maybe even some twinkling lights!), then break out face masks and nail polishes for some pampering before settling down for bed once midnight strikes!  

#10: Fun for the Family

Ring in the New Year with style at The Nantucket Hotel & Resort! A fun-filled new year in Massachusets awaits those celebrating in New England, as the hotel offers a range of options perfect for families who have kiddos. 

There’s a 21-and-older ball for adults, while children aged 5 to 12 will love the supervised kids’ celebration, which features s’mores supplies, pizza and snacks, family-friendly games, and a movie. This is sure to be an unforgettable night for all ages — let the festivities begin!

With so many ways to celebrate this festive time of year, it’s hard to decide how you want to bring in 2023! Whether you choose an exciting party or concert scene or prefer a more low-key evening spent with family and friends at home watching movies — no matter what you decide, make sure it’s something that will create memories for years to come! 

Happy New Year to all of you here in Portland and throughout New England; let’s get ready for another fantastic year ahead!

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