8 Creative Ways to Decorate the Ceiling of Your Wedding Tent Rental

The ceiling of a space — even an event space — can often be overlooked as a place for decor or an extra special touch.... Read More

The ceiling of a space — even an event space — can often be overlooked as a place for decor or an extra special touch.

Wedding tent rentals, in particular, offer newlyweds a unique opportunity to showcase style, set the mood for the big day, and incorporate creative design elements.

Here are 8 creative ways to decorate the ceiling of your wedding tent rental.

1. Bistro & String Lighting

Subtle, yet effective, bistro lighting is a great way to call attention to the grand heights of your tent rental while also acting as a functional lighting source for your wedding night.

Whether you choose to keep it simple with perimeter string lighting around the outskirts of the tent or a more dramatic ceiling-strung option, there’s no doubt bistro lighting will add some extra oomph to your big day.

Restaurant Tent Rental

2. Hanging flowers

Who doesn’t love the look and smell of gorgeous bouquets hanging from your rental tent ceiling?

Whether you decide on just a few blooms strategically placed around your venue or centerpieces hung for each and every table, your guests will be amazed.

3. Asian Lantern Lighting

Available in a variety of styles and colors, Asian lanterns give your wedding reception a touch of opulent drama with soft lighting to keep the dance floor and tables well lit for a night of fun.

4. Hanging Garlands

Need a little more greenery in your decor? Look no further than hanging garlands from your tent rental ceiling. This unique look gives almost a garden-like feel, bringing the outdoors even more inside of your tent.

5. Lantern Lighting

Lanterns are another unique way to infuse your style into your wedding day decor. From rustic chic to garden-side weddings, lanterns make for a beautiful accessory to showcase the tall tent ceilings.

6. Fabric Draping

Draping fabric across the ceiling of your tent rental will quickly make it your own. Incorporate your wedding colors to customize your tent for your big day and to make a big impact. Then you might consider using a little less decor elsewhere to provide more room in your budget.

7. Custom or Colored Lighting

Never discount the effect of custom or colored uplighting on your rental tent ceiling. Similar to fabric draping, uplighting quickly creates a one-of-a-kind effect for your wedding day. 

Scarborough 6-min
Scarborough 6-min

8. Clear Tent

Another incredible way to enjoy your tent ceiling? Choose a clear tent. Get the full splendor of the surrounding nature during the day and a full view of the starry sky at night. There’s no better backdrop for your wedding day.

Coastal Clear Tent Rental

There are plenty of creative ways to create a unique and beautiful wedding day. How will you choose to decorate the ceiling of your rental tent?

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