About Our Owner, Michael Parkin

Michael Parkin is the owner of Sperry Tents Seacoast.  Meticulous care and passion for details are the hallmarks of his style, and these are the foundation for how his organization operates every day.

His presence transforms events into unforgettable world-class experiences that delight the most discerning clients. No matter what their vision is, for a once-in-a-lifetime event under a beautiful sailcloth tent, Michael is dedicated to giving his clients the very best energy, sustained focus and attention to make their vision a reality.

Michael is an expert consultant, there to proactively anticipate every situation that may present itself during the course of an event, and solve it before it becomes a potential problem. He ensures that clients never have to worry about the venue when they select Sperry Tents Seacoast. All they need to do is bask in the fabulous environment Michael has created, and savor the experience of a flawlessly executed environment to enjoy life’s most treasured milestones and celebrations.

No matter what adversity he faces - from rain to unexpected winds, an uneven landscape or record-breaking temperatures – Michael Parkin is committed to ensuring every event he touches is flawless, no matter what is required to make it happen.

Michael says, “It is truly an honor to play a critical role in the perfect planning and execution of environments to host of my clients’ most important events, milestones and once-in-a-lifetime occasions. I take this to heart, and personally for every client that engages us. The experience I deliver is concierge style, high-touch and extremely personal. My team and I are there every step of the way to sweat the details so all our clients need to do is enjoy their day.”

Cultivating an exceptional business culture enables Michael Parkin to deliver on exceptional promises, consistently and reliably no matter what challenges or variables are presented in the process of planning and producing an event. The culture that permeates every detail of our operation is one of meticulous attention to detail, anticipation of our clients’ every need and unobtrusive follow-through attending to every element that contributes to the event environment with precision, professionalism and the greatest care.

The Sperry Tents Seacoast culture stems from the ever-growing passion for world-class events that owner, Michael Parkin stands by and relentlessly insists on with every member of his dynamic team of professionals. For many events, there are Sperry foremen scheduled to be present, on site during the event.  They arrive at the venue two hours prior to the start time to ensure every last detail is perfect, and they stay two hours into the event to be sure any details required for the tent are attended to.  If there is potential for inclement weather. the on-site foreman will stay for an extended period o time to ensure a succesful event.In essence – we do whatever it takes.

There is always a walk-through, pre-event with a skilled production manager. Michael personally ensures that nothing is overlooked. If there is even a possibility of variables that may impact a flawless experience for his clients, Michael is committed to implementing a solution before his client even perceives a need.

Our values

Sperry Tents Seacoast owner Michael Parkin trains each member of his staff with a similar outlook and demanding expectations that rest on a foundation of polite professionalism and unrelenting determination to do the absolute best possible work every day without exception. We understand it is a privilege to be invited onto the property of our clients, and entrusted with ensuring everything runs perfectly for the most important events they host.  Every member of our team takes this to heart, and our organization operates with the utmost professionalism. The environment Michael Parkin cultivates at Sperry Tents Seacoast is rigorous, based on clearly communicated values. He knows this is what it takes to be the best.

There is no greater satisfaction for Michael Parkin than to exceed expectations for a client in the process of producing one of the most important events of their lives. Michael explains, “On a typical week I wake up at dawn and don’t stop until late in the evening. Sometimes I start the day setting up a custom walnut floor, walking through a punch-list with one of my foremen to secure a new tent set-up.  We are sensitive to every element surrounding these events. Recently a client asked if we could double the size of the dance floor for their event at the last minute. Before they were done explaining why they wanted more space – we were on it. They couldn’t have been happier and it was so rewarding for everyone involved. When clients ask for any detail – we make it happen. And when it comes to attention to detail, nobody has higher standards.”

The level of attention, responsiveness and involvement provided by the owner of the company is a rare asset that Sperry Tents Seacoast prides itself on. Michael Parkin delights in his clients knowing this is a 24x7 commitment, and a lifestyle he enjoys whole-heartedly.

Michael is an active part of the Seacoast community where is business thrives. He enjoys the opportunity to give back and contribute to the vibrancy of the region and help those in need. He contributes consistently to causes and charitable events that align with the values that Michael instills within his family and his business.

Just a few of these events include Fishing for Freedom, with veterans at the Nonantum resort, the Susan B. Komen Race For the Cure, the Run for the Fallen, the Easter Seals Veterans COUNT event and an event in Portsmouth NH focusing on Opiod addition recovery in collaboration with Partnership for a Drug Free New Hampshire.

Sperry Tents Seacoast is fortunate to be involved with some of the most elite events in New England and Michael is very proud to be the vendor of choice for Sperry Sailcloth tents, wood outdoor event flooring and elegant lighting. In addition Michael see the opportunity to give back to our community as a priority and our duty. Mr. Parkin says, “We at Sperry Tents Seacoast have a deep appreciation for the community we live and do business in, and we want to help bring out the best here wherever possible.“