Always a groomsman never a groom

Let’s take a look at the most forgotten group at a wedding, the groomsmen. Oh yea the true work horse of any wedding and  dedicated... Read More

Let’s take a look at the most forgotten group at a wedding, the groomsmen. Oh yea the true work horse of any wedding and  dedicated organizers of the pre-wedding festivities. If not for these band of merry men, led by the best man, who would make sure the bachelor party had plenty of food, spirit, and  entertainment. Not to mention making sure the ring and groom made it thru the bail hearing on time to get to the church? But I digress….

So I submit for your approval an article I found on full of wonderful advice on how the groom can keep these merry men on track and looking sharpe while they perform their thankless duties of being good groomsmen.

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Groomsmen Guide

One of the grooms’s biggest duties: getting the  groomsmen and best man organized

As if you needed any more wedding preparation duties, getting the groomsmen and best man organized can be akin to herding cats. As these friends of your fiancé may live down the street or in another part of the country, it can be logistically-challenging to help these guys show up for the wedding day wearing the right attire.

The good news is that this is one duty that is ripe for your fiancé. Since you may want to know what might be involved, this article covers the bases.

It is very important to let your fiancé’s best man and groomsmen know what is expected of them, and what it will cost, leading up to wedding day. (This applies equally to your bridesmaids and maid of honor.) This might include your wedding details and when they are expected to arrive at your wedding, as well as your plans for a destination wedding if that’s being contemplated. There is an evolving tradition that the best man and groomsmen are on the hook for paying for their wedding attire rental, which can run upwards of $100. Add that to the cost of getting to your wedding, lodging, food and a wedding gift, and your wedding can be expensive for these guys. Not every best man and groomsman can afford to attend your wedding without budgeting for it, as much as they’re great friends of your fiancé.

Once you have figured out what the male attendants will be wearing, you’ll need to provide an easy way for the groomsmen to collect their wedding attire, or take measurements if you’re planning on buying or ordering the attire for them. This is no simple task, as measurements taken too early or incorrectly will result in ill-fitting clothing come wedding day. More than one groomsman has shed or added pounds in the time between getting measured for his tuxedo and picking it up at the rental shop. Furthermore, it always seems like there is one groomsman who takes longer than expected to get his tuxedo order filed with the rental shop. Make sure your fiancé stays on top of this.

While you and your fiancé are not traditionally responsible for helping out-of-town groomsman find lodging, it’ll be helpful for them and will reduce pre-wedding stress for you to know where they are staying. Make sure your fiancé has this on his list.

Providing the groomsmen with a wedding day itinerary that is tailored to your wedding will be invaluable for them. While dates and times change, by creating such an itinerary and sending it to them early enough, you’ll have framed the wedding weekend for them.

Finally, make sure to let the best man know whether he’ll be asked to make a wedding speech or wedding toast (as the case may be). Wedding speeches are stressful enough without the added surprise of being called upon by the wedding MC unexpectedly. — Michael Arnot, Founder, Groom Groove

 Send him to to make sure your fiancé knows how to keep his groomsmen organized. Photo credit: David Wolfe Photography

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