Hosting an Outdoor Winter Event or Party in New England? Learn 5 Ways to Make it a Success

When you’re planning an outdoor party or event in New England, it may feel like there are only certain times of year to host it.... Read More

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When you’re planning an outdoor party or event in New England, it may feel like there are only certain times of year to host it. You may be discounting the winter season entirely, but look again…it may be worth consideration. 

While the main concern with an outdoor winter event is heating, there are plenty of other areas that can help make it a success. Read on to learn how.

1. Prepare accordingly.

Let guests know ahead of time that the event will be held outdoors. That way, they’ll be prepared with the proper headwear, clothing, and footwear.

If you’re hosting the event in your home, have guests skip going inside (where they’ll likely remove their coats) and guide them directly to your yard where the party is happening.

Lastly, make cleaning up simple by offering a sanitation or hand washing station with warm water and soap or plenty of antibacterial sanitizer. You could also go above and beyond and rent luxury restroom trailers to ensure guests stay outdoors for the entire party.

2. Keep your guests warm.

No one wants to attend a party and spend the whole night shivering. Your first priority for your outdoor winter event is: how do you keep everyone warm?

A main heat source — or better yet, multiple sources of heat —are a great way to keep your guests warm and comfortable. From free-standing propane patio heaters to chimineas to fire pits, there are a lot of options to look at. 

Be sure to also consider safety. If you know you’ll have a lot of young guests at the party, open flames aren’t a great option. Instead, stick to covered heaters or even faux fireplaces that emit heat.

3. Get creative with seating.

After removing the snow from your space, how do you plan on providing comfortable seating for guests? Do you want to rent seating and chairs or work with the elements available? 

One unique option would be to purchase hay bales and set them up around the event space. Or work with what you already have by cutting up some logs and setting them up safely for guests to sit on. Then, strategically place blankets around the event area for even more comfort and warmth.

4. Don’t forget coverage.

Falling snow is beautiful in New England, until all of your guests are soaking wet (and freezing!) from enjoying your event during a snowstorm.

Consider a tent rental if you’re planning a winter outdoor event, so you know you’ll be safe and dry from the elements.

5. Keep the menu warm too.

Consider what food you can serve easily, keep warm, and fit the season. Hot stews and soups are a great way to keep guests warm from the inside out.

Don’t stop thinking “warm” when it comes to beverages too. Hot apple cider or hot chocolate will be a favorite amongst party goers. Get even more creative by serving drinks in fun, outdoor drinkware like thermoses.

Outdoor winter events and parties are definitely a possibility in New England; they simply need a little more planning. Keep these five ways in mind during your next outdoor winter event.

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