How to Avoid Going Over Your Event Budget: 4 Tips for Renting Event Furniture

When you plan an event - whether it be your wedding day or a special event - a lot of the planning comes down to... Read More

When you plan an event – whether it be your wedding day or a special event – a lot of the planning comes down to one major detail: the budget. Your event budget dictates the location of your event, amenities, menu, entertainment, rentals, and so much more.

All too often, we hear that event planners (professional or not) are going over their budgets. It doesn’t need to be that way, though; especially when it comes to your furniture rentals.

Here are 4 tips for renting event furniture that won’t have you going over your budget.

1. Save in other areas.

As with all things event planning, there are always opportunities to save money elsewhere, so you can spend it on what’s really important to you. For instance, some planning a wedding will focus on the location first and foremost, while others will put an emphasis on the food or catering.

Regardless, to ensure you get the furniture rentals of your dreams, make sure you save money in the budget to accommodate all of your guests with your ideal furnishings.

2. Play off the venue.

A blank slate will need much more furniture than a venue that comes equipped with seating, tables, and other necessary furniture.

Keep all this in mind when choosing a venue, as you’ll need to supplement for it later if you’re prioritizing a gorgeous view (also very important) over the accommodations.

3. Get an exact headcount.

It’s critical you know exactly how many people will be at your event so you don’t over or underestimate the rentals you’ll need. Follow up with those who haven’t responded to get a concrete yes or no.

Then, take a close look at your numbers (or RSVPs) and get a good sense of exactly how many furniture pieces you actually need.

For example, you won’t need seating or tables for every person during a cocktail hour, because many people prefer to stand or walk around. This will also help with seating and tables for your reception – or the event itself – as you’ll have an exact headcount.

4. Don’t cover the tables.

Why worry about covering the tables when you have beautiful farm tables? This popular option gives you multiple benefits: from a unique, rustic touch to a piece exquisite enough not to have to cover with a tablecloth.

By making the tables themselves a centerpiece, you won’t have to worry about additional costly rentals.

With these four furniture rental tips in mind, you’re well on your way to staying within your budget for your special event.

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