How to Plan an Outdoor Corporate Party to Regrow Your Team Post-COVID

Let's face it: we’ve all struggled to reconnect and regrow our teams post-pandemic.  With the stress of the past few years, it's time to host... Read More

Let’s face it: we’ve all struggled to reconnect and regrow our teams post-pandemic. 

With the stress of the past few years, it’s time to host an event where your colleagues can get out of the office or work atmosphere and reconnect. With COVID regulations dropping and immunity building, a corporate event is just what your team needs (with any necessary safety precautions in place, of course).

Planning a fantastic event for your employees can be very intimidating if you’ve never hosted an event of this magnitude before. Here’s how to plan a successful outdoor corporate event that will build teamwork.

1. Choose a date. 

Why wait until the end of the year to celebrate your team and all their hard work? Nothing says “thank you!” to your employees quite like a middle-of-the-year event. 

With the perfect New England weather for a beautiful gathering or company picnic, spring or summer is an excellent time for your corporate party.

​​2. Choose a venue. 

Shop around and find the venue that’s right for your corporate event. Ensure you’ll have plenty of space and the venue gives your team everything it needs for the team building fun you expect.

Additionally, we also recommend an outdoor event for added safety measures for your team. (So don’t forget your tent rental!)

3. Consider team building.

What do you hope to accomplish with your event? Are you networking or building teamwork skills? 

Coming up with a plan of what you hope to achieve now will help you stay focused and on target for your goal.

4. Plan a fantastic meal.

Never skimp on the food. Food is an excellent way to connect with people and get your guests to interact. 

Work with a trusted caterer to plan a meal, snacks, or both that fits the type of event you’ve planned.

5. Don’t forget the entertainment.

What kind of entertainment will resonate with your group? A comedian, live band, or keeping it simple with fun icebreaker games…there are plenty of entertainment options for your corporate event.

Whatever you choose, make sure it flows with the theme you’ve set for this event. No matter what, stress-free is always the best option for teamwork building.

6. Consider the details.

The small details are what will set your corporate party apart for your employees. Don’t forget lighting, flooring, and a restroom trailer for your party. 

7. Get feedback.

As your event goes on, it’s best practice to have your employees give feedback during or immediately after the event to know if it was a success. This is valuable information for the next team event.

Follow these seven steps to plan an outdoor corporate event that will help regrow your team post-pandemic.

And for help with New England event rentals, give us a call at Sperry Tents Seacoast!