How to Reopen Your New Hampshire Restaurant When You Don’t Have Outdoor Seating

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on business owners of all shapes and sizes, but none quite like the food service industry. Even while many... Read More

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on business owners of all shapes and sizes, but none quite like the food service industry. Even while many restaurants have been offering safe takeout services, these last few months have been challenging to say the least.

New Hampshire restaurateurs are rejoicing, though. Starting May 18, New Hampshire is going to allow the reopening of restaurants with outdoor dining areas. 

But not every restaurant has a fully functioning outdoor space, so what are these business owners to do? 

We’ve got you covered – literally. Read on to find out how to open your New Hampshire restaurant when you don’t have outdoor seating.

Know the facts

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of reopening without fully understanding the process. So, first things first, keep your staff and your customers safe by adhering to the New Hampshire Stay at Home 2.0 guidelines.

Here is the Stay at Home 2.0 Reopening Guidance for the Food Service Industry.

Tables & Tent Rental for Restaurant

No outdoor dining, no problem

Many New Hampshire restaurants don’t have the outdoor facilities to accommodate outdoor dining. Or, even if you do have outdoor seating, you may not be able to safely seat as many guests as you’d like.

Never fear; Sperry Tents Seacoast is here to help.

With plenty of tent rentals to choose from, available in a variety of styles and sizes, we have the right option for you and your restaurant. Table and chair rentals are also available for those who need them. 

In addition, we’re working with restaurants on an individual basis to create payment plans that work with current cash flow challenges. Contact us today to learn more about reopening your restaurant safely. 

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Tell your customers you’re open for business

Lastly, don’t keep the good news to yourself. Shout that you’re opening from the rooftops so your guests know they can (safely) come see you and enjoy your incredible cuisine.

Ok, maybe shouting from your rooftop isn’t the best way to tell your customers. Instead, use your marketing channels to your advantage. 

Update your Google My Business account to share the hours you are open. Then update any and all social media accounts, as well as your website to reflect that you are back in business along with the safety measures you’re implementing.

Next, get in touch with local newspapers, your Chamber of Commerce, and any other entity that will share your good news. 

Restaurant Tent Rental

If your outdoor space is lacking or nonexistent, follow these three easy steps to start seeing guests again at your New Hampshire restaurant. For help with a tent rental to create an outdoor dining space, give us a call at Sperry Tents Seacoast!

Exeter Events and Tents is proud to become a part of the Sperry Tents Seacoast family for the 2020 event season!
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