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Rain Plan Tents

Picture your dream wedding.  You’ve spent months meticulously picking out the flowers, the linens, and the flatware.  You’ve gone over the menu, spending hours tasting each course.  You’ve been to multiple fittings, making sure your dress is absolutely perfect.  The tent is up and decorated, every detail is just right.  All morning, you’ve been having your hair and make-up done with your closest friends and family by your side.  This is the day you have been waiting for…but the forecast is showing rain all afternoon.  Fear sets in- what will your guests do?  How can they stay safe and dry despite the weather?  How will this impact your special day?  What can you do?

Here at Sperry Seacoast Tent Rentals, we want to eliminate your fears- we want you to relax, have fun, and celebrate!  By reserving a Rain Plan Tent, we can help take that fear way and make sure your event is totally stress free!

Don’t hesitate- contact us today to reserve your Rain Plan Tent!

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