What’s the Best Day & Time to Host an Outdoor Event?

Hosting an outdoor event is a special occasion, but it’s important to pick the best day and time for your event in order to maximize... Read More

Hosting an outdoor event is a special occasion, but it’s important to pick the best day and time for your event in order to maximize its potential. Whether you’re looking to host a wedding, a birthday party, or any other type of gathering, you want to ensure that everyone can make it and that you’re able to make the most of your big day. 

To help you plan out your upcoming event, this post will explore what is the best month to have an outdoor wedding or special event, what time is best to do an event, and what are the best days to host an event.


For weddings or any other type of special occasion, the month of your event can make all the difference. During certain times of the year, hosting an outdoor event may be more difficult due to rain or extreme heat. 

If you’re looking for ideal weather and reasonable temperature fluctuations throughout the day, then spring and summer months are usually best for outdoor events like weddings. 

Meanwhile, winter months can be great for indoor events, since cold weather can provide a cozy atmosphere indoors. Remember, holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve may not be convenient times because many people might book other holiday plans, so try not to overlap with those dates if possible.


When hosting an outdoor event, the day and time you choose can make or break the turnout. 

Sure, you may know that Tuesday nights are a dead zone for events, but what about Saturday afternoons? Or Thursday evenings? Knowing when to host your event is an essential part of planning. 

We’ll outline some best practices for determining the ideal day and time for your next gathering so you can maximize attendance and ensure success.

Do Some Research

When you plan an event, your first step should be to research any similar events that were held in the past. Examining related activities provides invaluable insight into the best times and dates to host an event that guests may prefer or might arrive in more significant numbers. You also can get ideas from the structure and size of a similar event to help you plan yours more effectively. 

Knowing what worked for other organizers will equip you with best practices for promoting, booking entertainment, selecting food choices, and so on. All this data is beneficial no matter if this is your first event or if you’re a pro. Collecting information ahead of time about similar gatherings helps ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible, ensuring an incredible experience for all.

Consider Your Audience

When deciding on a day and time to host your event, it’s important to consider who will be attending. For example, if you’re hosting an event geared toward families with young children, avoid scheduling it during school hours or bedtimes. 

If your audience is college students or young professionals, a late-night event on a weeknight could be ideal. Think carefully about who will attend your event and plan accordingly.

Avoid Major Events & Holidays

When possible, try to avoid planning your event around major events or holidays, as they often draw people away from their regular routines. The same goes for significant sporting events — you don’t want to compete with the Super Bowl when hosting an outdoor movie screening! 

It’s always wise to double-check your local calendars just in case there are any significant events scheduled near your planned date that could affect attendance at your own gathering.

Know Your Venue’s Hours And Pricing

When selecting a venue for your outdoor event, ensure you know the hours of operation and associated costs so that you can factor them into setting the date and time of the occasion. 

Many venues charge extra fees for weekend rentals or after-hours bookings, while others might only offer limited availability on certain days of the week because of their existing schedule. Researching these details ahead of time can help ensure that you pick the best date and time to host an event that works within both your budget and timeline.


Have you ever considered hosting an event on a weekday rather than the weekend? With the trend of “Thursday is the new Saturday” becoming more popular, it’s beneficial to be creative and host your next event on a weekday! Read on to learn why you should host your event during the week. 

Less Competition 

By hosting your event during the week, you’ll have less competition. This means that people who couldn’t attend a similar event that was hosted over the weekend are likely to take part in yours because they don’t have as many options. If your goal is to draw people in, then consider hosting your event during off-peak times. 

More Cost-Effective 

As mentioned earlier, since there’s less competition for events held during the week, venues may offer discounts or other incentives because they know it won’t be as busy as if they hosted it over the weekend. 

Many businesses and venues also have mid-week specials, so this could be another way to save money when planning your event. Shop around and compare rates before deciding — you never know what deals you could find! 

Attract the Right Crowd

Hosting an event during the week typically draws in those older than college-aged, who are looking for something different. These people appreciate quality over quantity and value experiences more than items. 

Since there aren’t as many events taking place during the weekdays, those attending are likely to stay longer and make sure their experience counts.

Many factors go into planning a successful outdoor event. The day and time you choose to host your event can be just as important as the venue or guest list. If you want to ensure that your event is well-attended, consider these tips when choosing a date and time.

Remembering to factor in things like major holidays or special occasions in the area and understanding venue regulations should all be considered when deciding on a date and time for hosting an event. Doing so will ensure that all goes smoothly leading up to – and during – the big day!

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