Your Guide for Calculating How Many Luxury Restroom Trailers You’ll Need for Your Special Event

Planning an outdoor event or gathering can seem overwhelming, but there are a few key elements you should consider — one of which is portable... Read More

Seacoast Valetta Luxury Mobile Restroom for Wedding

Planning an outdoor event or gathering can seem overwhelming, but there are a few key elements you should consider — one of which is portable restroom needs. 

High-quality portable restrooms provide your guests with a hygienic and comfortable place to take care of business. But how do you figure out how many bathrooms you’ll need? Let’s break it down! 


Number of Guests For Event Restrooms

The first step in determining how many restrooms per person you’ll need for your wedding or special event is to determine the approximate number of guests attending the event. This will give you a baseline number to calculate the number of portable toilets required. 

Plan for at least one restroom per 50 guests. So if you expect 500 people at your gathering, that would mean you will need at least five high-end mobile restrooms, since many trailers have at least two toilets per trailer. 

Length of Event 

Another factor to consider when figuring out how many restroom trailers you need is the length of your event. Additional restrooms may be necessary if the event is longer than two hours. 

For every extra hour or fraction thereof, add anywhere from 10 to 20% more bathrooms to accommodate for increased usage throughout your event. So if you expect your gathering to last five hours, plan on having 15-20% more luxury restroom trailer rentals than usual. 

Accessibility Considerations 

It’s always essential to ensure your event is accessible to everyone. When deciding how many restroom trailers you need, it’s wise to remember who will be attending. 

  • How many families with young children or elderly persons will attend? 
  • Will there be people with disabilities who may require special accommodations? 

Wheelchair access, in particular, is something you’ll want to plan for. Having a variety of portables available so that all guests feel comfortable and taken care of will leave a good impression on your guests. With proper attention to all these factors, your next event can serve everyone’s needs.


Will Alcohol and Food Be Served?

When you’re planning an outdoor event, you already know that luxury mobile restrooms are essential. However, when alcohol and food are served, consideration should be taken when determining the number of event restrooms you will need for your guests to use. 

Alcohol consumption increases the number of restroom visits and therefore requires more portable potties than if only food is served. To be safe, adding an extra 15-20% to the total number of portable restrooms you plan on getting can save you from dealing with the hassle of not having enough bathrooms available for your guests. (The last thing you want is for your partygoers to wait in line and miss out on all the fun at your event!)

Will The Trailers Be Cleaned During The Event?

When planning restroom trailer rentals for any event, it’s also vital to consider whether the units will be cleaned during the event day. This can significantly impact how many trailers you need to rent to provide adequate restroom facilities for your guests. 

If space poses an issue with having large numbers of portable restrooms, an alternative solution may be to increase the service or cleaning of these mobile bathrooms throughout the day. This can reduce the number of units needed since they will be well-maintained and sanitary. 

It’s not uncommon for more significant events that require multiple restroom trailers to structure their rentals so that they are being serviced twice throughout the day, effectively reducing total rental requirements in half.

It’s also crucial to note that state regulations often prohibit portable toilets and handwashing facilities from being too close to the food service area. This rule should keep the areas designated for eating and other food preparation clean and sanitary. Having adequate restroom trailers will ensure you are following these rules while providing your guests with a comfortable environment to use the facilities away from where food and drinks will be served. 

Gender-Specific Restrooms

Additionally, with more significant events, it’s critical to consider the male-to-female ratio when figuring out how many restroom trailers are necessary. To ensure that all attending feel comfortable and secure, providing individual men’s and women’s restroom areas can be beneficial and appealing for your guests. 

While there is no legal requirement for this, we cannot underestimate the privacy and safety advantages of doing so. Considering these factors will help guarantee guests a pleasant experience with optimum comfort and security.

At first glance, figuring out how many portable restroom rentals you need for an event can seem daunting. Still, by breaking down each component — the number of guests, length of time for the event, accessibility considerations, and so on — you can accurately determine what kind and how many bathroom trailers are necessary for your wedding or any gathering! 

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