Bayview Frame Event Tents

Get a beautiful look with none of the heat

The Bayview Frame Tent is the perfect compromise for those who want the look of a clear tent, but have a wedding or special event during the hot summer months.

This tent mimics the upgraded look of the Clear Frame Tent with clear ends for much-needed light, along with the bonus of a solid white top for added shade.

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Bayview Tent Rental for Wedding

Is A Bayview Frame Tent Right For Your Event?

Perfect for New England summers, the Bayview Frame Tent will keep your guests cool under the solid tent top, while simultaneously giving your whole party an exquisite view of the surrounding outdoor venue.

Standard Sizes Available

20’x15’, 20’x20’, 20’x30’, 20’x40’, 20’x50’, 20’x60’, 20’x70’, 20’x75’, 20’x80’, 20’x90’, 20’x100’, 20’x105’, 30’x30’, 30’x45’, 30’x60’, 30’x75’, 30’x90’, 30’x105’, 30’x120’, 40’x30’, 40’x45’, 40’x60’, 40’x75’, 40’x90’, 40’x105’, 40’x120’, 50’x45’, 50’x50’, 50’x60’, 50’x70’, 50’x75’, 50’x80’, 50’x90’, 50’x105’, 50’x100’, 50’x110’, 50’x120’

Custom sizes can be created for events if needed.

Bayview Tent Features

• Bayview Frame Tents do not have center poles and rely on the structure of the frame for the tent shape
• Sides slide open and closed for ease of use
• Side options include clear, solid, or white mesh
• Solid white top of tent and clear gable ends
• Can use weights or stakes to anchor the tent
• Clear panels of fabric can be substituted for white panels to highlight the head table or dance floor for an additional cost
• Compared to the traditional frame tent, this style has minimal metal framing throughout the tent

Easy installation, anywhere

The Bayview Frame Tent offers the option to anchor down with weights, instead of stakes. This way, the tent can be easily installed on patios, even driveways or parking lots, and other concrete or hard surfaces.

Siding options available

Want a little extra protection from the New England summer heat? We’ve got you covered, literally. Choose from Bayview Frame Tent siding options, including: clear sides, solid sides, or white mesh sides. All of these siding options slide open and close. 


Liz is absolutely amazing to work with during booking. She is so knowledgeable about all the products and her response time is always timely. There has been several times when I have needed something last minute on nights and weekends and I can always count on them to come through. The set up team is always amazing.

Leslie – New Hampshire

EXETER TENT MADE MY WEDDING DREAMS A REALITY!!!!!! We had both cocktail hour and reception at my parent's ocean front property. We put a beautiful sail tent up on the beach! My family and I haven't thrown a wedding before, and had no idea how to transform their house into a wedding venue. With the help of EMILY (PLEASE, REQUEST HER) we had the wedding of a lifetime! She was so incredibly responsive and helpful, at all times. She also thought of everything! For example, she was worried we would blow our power ( large house, lots of cafe lighting, pro dj set) and recommended a back up generator. We reluctantly rented one, and guess what? We lost power right before guests arrived and thankfully we had that generator to save the day!!! We also were skeptical about needing sides to the tent...and guess what? The beach was so windy we wouldn't have survived without them! The list is endless when it comes to ways Emily and Exeter saved the day! Also, the way the packed all linens, stem ware, glass ware, plates, ect. was SO ORGANIZED it made the caterer's lives so easy!!!! LOOK NO FURTHER! If you are willing to spend money for FLAWLESS EXECUTION, then you have your company!

Anna – Happy Bride

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