Clear Frame Event Tents

Bring the outdoors into your event

Clear frame tents give you the all the benefits of a tent, with the added bonus of a clear ceiling. That way, you and your guests will truly enjoy your venue for every natural touch it has to offer.

Get an unparalleled view of your venue’s surroundings to create a truly one-of-a-kind event.

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Clear Frame Wedding Tent Featured

Is A Clear Frame Tent Right For Your Event?

Not only will you and your guests enjoy the transparent walls and ceiling of the clear frame tent, but you’ll also love how adaptable the placement of the tent can be. Choose this tent if you have a unique or unusual space that won’t fit other options.

Standard Sizes Available

20’x15’, 20’x20’, 20’x30’, 20’x40’, 20’x50’, 20’x60’, 20’x70’, 20’x75’, 20’x80’, 20’x90’, 20’x100’, 20’x105’, 30’x30’, 30’x45’, 30’x60’, 30’x75’, 30’x90’, 30’x105’, 30’x120’, 40’x30’, 40’x45’, 40’x60’, 40’x75’, 40’x90’, 40’x105’, 40’x120’, 50’x45’, 50’x50’, 50’x60’, 50’x70’, 50’x75’, 50’x80’, 50’x90’, 50’x105’, 50’x100’, 50’x110’, 50’x120’

Custom sizes can be created for events if needed.

Clear Frame Features

• Clear Frame Tents do not have center poles and rely on the structure of the frame for the tent shape
• Sides slide open and closed for ease of use
• Side options include clear, solid, or white mesh
• Clear top of tent and clear gable ends
• Can use weights or stakes to anchor the tent
• Aluminum frame
• Compared to the traditional frame tent, this style has minimal metal framing throughout the tent

Versatile event setup & breakdown

Clear frame tents can use weights as anchors where staking isn’t possible for your New England outdoor wedding or event. Clear, solid, or white mesh siding (which slides open and close) is available for added protection from the elements.

A Blank Slate To Make Your Own

With a clear frame tent, the great outdoors becomes the backdrop to create your dream event on. That way, you have a completely blank slate to design your wedding or special event. Sperry is here to help make your event dream come true.


Lynsie was amazing to work with and guided me through the booking process quickly and efficiently. I do not know what I would have done if my rentals from the other company had never shown up. Exeter Tents will be a company I recommend to anyone for any type of event! Everything was beautiful and our guests loved how gorgeous the tent and rentals were!

Lyra – Wedding Wire

Loved the farm tables! They were perfect for our wedding.

Taylor – Wedding Wire

FANTASTIC! These folks are professional. From the person helping you choose what you need to the men setting up the tent. All so friendly and get right to business. They will be the last thing you'll worry about when planning a wedding!

Susan – Wedding

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