Handcrafted Sperry Sailcloth Tents

Crafted in the tradition of seafaring in New England, Sperry sailcloth tents are carefully made by hand and thoughtfully created. Just like your event, each tent is unique.

From setup to takedown, our experienced and professional team will ensure your event will have the look you always dreamed of. Leave it to us to help create a day that you’ll always remember.

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Is a Sperry Sailcloth Tent Right For Your Event?

Whether you have a seaside affair or a countryside occasion, a Sperry sailcloth tent will leave your guests in awe with its high peaks and billowing flags. From small and intimate gatherings to large, lavish weddings, a Sperry sailcloth tent is just what your special event needs.

Standard Sizes Available

16’ Round, 24’ Round, 24’x44’ Oval, 32’ Round, 32’x50’ Oval, 32’x70’ Oval, 32’x90’ Oval, 32’x112’ Oval, 46’ Round, 46’x65’ Oval, 46’x85’ Oval, 46’x105’ Oval, 46’x125’ Oval, 46’x145’ Oval, 66’x66’ Oval, 66’x86’ Oval, 66’x106’ Oval, 66’x126’ Oval

Custom Sizes Can Be Created For Events If Needed

Sperry Sailcloth Tent Features

• Tent is secured with 4’ anchors
• Anchors are installed every 10’ and are 6’ off of the perimeter of the tent
• Opaque Top
• Finished wood center poles and side poles
• Flags at each peak
• Oval or round in shape
• Sidewalls can roll up and down
• Sides are available in clear and solid

Sperry Sailcloth Tents

An authentic Sperry Sailcloth tent will help create the outdoor event you’ve always dreamt of, as it can be set up anywhere stakes can be placed. Keep your guests warm and safe from the elements with siding options, including: clear or solid wide.

Tent Pole Draping

If you are looking to add some softness and elegance to your event, pole draping may be just what you are looking for.

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