Wedding Themes for the New Year!

Well it’s a New Year and time to ponder the 2012 trends in outdoor weddings. Exeter Events and Tents agree that nothing can compare with... Read More

Well it’s a New Year and time to ponder the 2012 trends in outdoor weddings. Exeter Events and Tents agree that nothing can compare with an outdoor wedding and all the possibilities it offers. New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts have some of the most beautiful locations available in the US. The seacoast of NH, ME and MA are so diverse from the rocky coast of Maine to the old seacoast towns of Kennebunk, York, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newburyport and Gloucester to the fine sand beaches of the cape there is something for everyone. You don’t like the ocean that’s fine too! How about one of our beautiful lakes? Winnipesaukee in central New Hampshire comes to mind…. Land lubber, no problem with the white mountains, or the many country clubs, vineyards, old estates or state parks available you can have the perfect wedding without getting your feet wet. Where are our future bride’s dream weddings being held this year let us know. We are looking for the most creative ideas out there and hopefully they will include a beautiful tent and all the rental items we supply!

It is 2012, and already some of the hottest ideas for wedding themes are already out. From dresses, to flowers to cake toppers it is going to be a great year to get married. The new dresses have already hit the runway and color combinations for this year are already being dreamed up. Hew are some of the themes that are going to be hot this year.

Victorian Weddings

One of the most popular themes for this year is an old theme that is making a major comeback. These weddings are elaborate and ornate focusing on the smallest details. A major detail about these weddings is the invitations. The Victorian era modeled polite society, so having invitations that show this is key. As far a venues go, outdoors is the most Victorian, since gardens were so important in the Victorian age. We must not forget about the dress. A long elaborate white dress with a long train will highlight your Victorian styling for a perfect wedding.

Beach Weddings

This year beach weddings are still a popular theme. These weddings feel fresh and spontaneous, even though months of planning go into them. Beach weddings can be simple or elaborate depending on what the bride wants. Invitations will have a fresh and sunny feel to them. The one thing that beach wedding should have in common is the wedding dress should be a shorter length. No matter if a walk-way is put down or not a shorter dress will work the best for a beach setting. Receptions are usually held at the host hotel instead of the beach. Many hotels offer wedding packages to make planning much easier.

Garden Weddings

While this theme has something in common with Victorian weddings, it can be vastly different. Garden weddings can be the most simple and breathtaking weddings of them all. Garden weddings should invoke feelings of spring freshness for everyone involved. Many brides are planning on doing simple dresses. Another popular style in this theme is brides are letting their hair down and putting flowers in it. Some brides even go barefoot for a Garden wedding. The other extreme of this is to give the Garden wedding the feel of a Garden tea. Where the Bride has is styled in all the glamour and the garden is simply a backdrop to her.

Winter Wonderland Weddings

Where once winter and snows were something brides wanted to avoid, now winter is embraced by brides. This theme incorporates the beauty and magic of the snow and turns the bride into a winter queen. Silvers and dark blues are colors that work well with in this theme. Sparkling snowflakes decorate the setting, and instead of rose petals lining the aisle soft fake snow might be what the beautiful bride glides over. These theme are already being used this year, and while they will take a break, they will be back for those special December weddings.

This perhaps is the most fun theme this year. This wedding celebrates the everlasting love of the bride and groom by comparing it to diamonds. Everything about this wedding sparkles. The invitations should have some type of diamond glitz. The flowers even sparkle. Florists are starting to put crystals on their flowers for the bouquets. Even if the bride does not want sparkling flowers the ribbon that holds them together can easily sparkle. As for the bride herself, she can cover herself in diamonds, or crystals. Some of the hottest dresses this year embrace the sparkling diamonds theme. Even the guest enjoy the theme as all the table decorations sparkle like diamonds.

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