6 Crazy Wedding Stories That’ll Make You Feel Way Better About Your Big Day

After reading these stories a root canal sounds like a great idea instead of attending these 6 weddings. Every once in a while we like... Read More

After reading these stories a root canal sounds like a great idea instead of attending these 6 weddings. Every once in a while we like to examine the “dark side” of weddings if nothing else they bring a smile to our faces and thank our lucky stars that it didn’t happen to us. Loverly.com has a lot of these types of stories that we post from time to time. So if you like this one feel free to follow the link and read some more. Do you have a similar story? We would love to hear it. Let us know and we will add it in a future post.


by loverly on Sun Apr 26 2015

Since we’re obsessed with all things weddings, we hear a lot of wedding stories. Some romantic, some touching, some…not so much. Here are a few crazy wedding stories from the Lover.ly team that will help reassure you that your wedding can’t be this bad.

“My dad and stepmom’s wedding was on an island off of the coast of Cancun and was supposed to be a nice beach wedding followed by a sunset boat cruise, and then dinner in a cabana on the beach…but it was basically a monsoon that day. We woke up and it was storming so badly. They closed the harbor to all boats so we had to cancel the boat cruise. And we had to move the wedding into the hotel lobby which was very awkward and not accommodating for a ceremony—people who were arriving at the hotel and checking in were awkwardly walking by the whole time. Dinner on the beach in a private cabana turned into dinner in their regular restaurant, so we were joined by other random hotel guests. And to top it off, my dad didn’t look my stepmom in the eye during his vows because he was straining to hear the translator (they had a Spanish officiant because we were in Mexico) so my stepmom got pissed and stormed off after dinner. The wedding turned into me and my siblings taking shots at the hotel bar while my dad and new stepmom fought in their ‘honeymoon suite.’ They have their happily ever after now—I’m sure the two month honeymoon in Italy helped—but that was the most tense/awkward wedding ever.”

“Following a 6-month courtship, my cousin got engaged to the wrong guy for the wrong reason: money. Needless to say, tensions were high on both sides of the family. It started with the mother of the groom berating anyone arriving after the long drive in shorts (they were “disrespectful”) and continued with a slurred speech by a double-fisting drunk brother of the groom who flat out called the bride a money grubber. After he was relieved of the mic and driven home, he got into his car and crashed into a tree. Meanwhile, the bride’s cousin—who gave a super awkward one-sentence speech—puked in the hallway (of the synagogue)…but at least he had the good taste to wait until after the reception.”

“A year prior to my wedding, one of my bridesmaids apparently told my maid of honor that she had a conflict on my upcoming wedding date: her ex-step-mother’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party was in Ann Arbor on the same day my husband and I were to be married in Chicago. My maid of honor of course told her to tell me about the scheduling conflict, or simply decide not to go to the 50th anniversary party. But she never mentioned it. On my wedding day, the bridesmaid in question participated in the ceremony, took pictures with us in the park…and then LEFT without saying a word to me or my husband about it. She left it to my maid of honor to tell me, right before everyone was announced at our reception. We quickly rearranged the bridal party announcement order…almost as quickly as I forgot about her as a friend.”

“I was in a friend’s wedding last fall. During the homily portion of the Catholic ceremony, the priest started talking about how happy he was that my friends had chosen to get married, because ‘marriage was in trouble.’ We all got uncomfortable when we started to realize where he was going with that…and then everyone got the same ‘OH NO’ look on their faces when he then went on an anti-cohabitation, anti-gay marriage rant. My friend and her now-husband are extremely progressive; they had lived together before marriage (as had many of the guests—and some still did), and there were gay couples in attendance. Everyone was horrified; what the priest was saying was just so negative for a wedding, and also completely at odds with the couple’s beliefs.”

“My wife and I were attending a mutual friend’s wedding and staying at my parents’ house. While in town, we ran into an old friend from high school; he asked why we were in town and we said for the wedding. He wasn’t invited because no one knew where he was (he went into the Navy after high school and we all lost touch), but he seemed very hurt that he wasn’t invited so I called Bill to see if they had room for one more. They said to go ahead and invite him, which I did. The day of the wedding, we all had a few drinks during cocktail hour, and Jay must have had a few more than the rest of us. After the bridal party was announced, Jay got the mic and gave a little speech that started off nice…he mentioned how long he knew Bill and what a good friend he was…but then said he didn’t understand why he wasn’t invited originally and how upset he was about that. I think I jumped up and grabbed Jay and brought him back to our table. We didn’t let him drink anymore, but I think he was taking drinks from other tables. When the band started playing, Jay felt the need to do some break dancing in the middle of the floor; it wasn’t pretty and when he got up, he fell on to a table broke it. My parents were ready to leave anyway and offered to take him home. He said he had to go to the restroom before he could go and when he came back he had a present that he wanted to give to Bill and Eileen…presumably that he grabbed of the gift table and took the tag off of, as there was a rip where a tag would be. I walked him out and put him in my parents’ car but he really didn’t want to leave, as he kept opening the door saying he forgot to say goodbye to someone.”

“At my sister’s wedding a bridesmaid (our cousin) slept with the groom’s little brother. They were both very drunk and she took his virginity without knowing he was a virgin. He then drunkenly went into the hallway of the hotel cheering and yelling about how excited he was that he finally lost his virginity. (He was 21 and in college.) It made brunch the next morning really awkward because everyone at the wedding had heard about it and were congratulating the guy. We still talk about it every Christmas. My cousin didn’t speak to my sister for months because she thought she was the one to tell everyone.”


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