Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams Without Breaking Your Bank Account

PopSugar Renee Cohen Wedding planning can be an exciting - yet overwhelming - time, especially when it comes to your wedding budget. It's no surprise that wedding costs add... Read More


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Wedding planning can be an exciting – yet overwhelming – time, especially when it comes to your wedding budget. It’s no surprise that wedding costs add up quickly. Due to unrealistic portrayals of weddings everywhere you look, there can be a ton of pressure to have the “perfect” wedding. A wedding doesn’t have to be lavish to create the everlasting memories and laughter that are ultimately the most important thing for your special day. Consider what you want out of your wedding, stick to your ideals, and enjoy your day in a way that doesn’t burden your new start together. Check out these expert tips on how to keep a wedding budget-friendly without compromising on style and elegance!


Save the dates and invitations set the tone for your wedding. For the environmentally conscious, sites like Paperless Post or Evite allow you to send beautiful invites and track RSVPs digitally. If you are not totally in favor of going completely electronic, there are ways to keep the costs down. Remember, it is your special day. Your guests will likely be tossing the invites out after the wedding (or even after they open them)! Online invitation sites like Wedding Paper Divas and Minted have made it extremely easy to have gorgeous invitations without busting your budget.


It seems obvious, but the more guests you have, the more money you’ll spend. Narrow your guest list to the people closest to you. Don’t invite distant family members or acquaintances out of guilt or pressure from family or friends.


By the time you customize the book and its decorative area, the costs outweigh the traditional meaning for it. How many times have you attended a wedding and actually signed the guest book? Or seen one displayed in a friends’ home? Opt instead to personalize this wedding tradition by transforming it into a memorable DIY activity for guests that will serve as a piece of decor to be a loving reminder of your wedding day and those in attendance.


Favors have become a thoughtful way to say thank you to your guests. But when was the last time you kept a favor or even remember what you received? Your guests don’t need an item that is only going to collect dust or be thrown away. Your money is far better served to enhance guest experience. Give your guests a local treat that they will appreciate the next morning or make a donation to your favorite charity in their names.


Traditional programs are expensive to print and end up being thrown away. In lieu of printed programs, get creative with it. Many are opting for a poster-size print display at the ceremony entrance or including it digitally on their wedding website.


The bigger the party, the bigger the expense! You don’t need to have your 10 closest friends in your bridal party for them to still feel like they’re a part of your big day. Plus, that is a lot of different and competing opinions! From the glam squad, flowers, thank-you gifts, and rehearsal dinner guests to meals the day of, the costs exponentially add up to service your wedding party. Find other ways to show them they are special to you leading up to the wedding and on the day of.


Flowers add beauty to any joyful event. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be extravagant to create elegance. True elegance lies in simplicity. Let your florist select the flowers, preferably local and in-season, that make the most sense based on your budget. Also, ask the florist how to repurpose the flowers from the ceremony for the reception. Another option to add romance to the room at a fraction of the cost: fill the room with a variety of candles.


The cake is usually for the visual effect. Most of your guests don’t eat the cake because they’d rather hit the dance floor. The general rule of thumb is to have cake for 60 percent of your guests. Opt for a cake that isn’t extravagant with layers and handcrafted decor. A great alternative to cake is to have a variety of desserts and baked goods to create an amazing display and let your guests choose their sweet treat at the end of the night.


Choose a nontraditional venue and think outside the box on day and time. Traditionally, we choose a Saturday night because that is when we think weddings are supposed to be. There are so many options to choose from – from Friday night to Sunday evening. Make sure you ask the venue what they provide and whether you have the option to bring in your own vendors. There is no right or wrong answer; it really depends on the location and what type of wedding you want.


No one keeps the personalized napkin as a keepsake. Not even the couple. They are meant to be used to wipe hands and faces and thrown in the trash! Why waste money on something that is meant to be trash?

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