Wedding Planner, Coordinator & Designer: What’s the Difference & Which One Do You Need?

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful time for any couple. So many tasks need to be completed for your day to go off... Read More

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful time for any couple. So many tasks need to be completed for your day to go off without a hitch. 

One way to help ease the stress is by enlisting the services of someone who specializes in wedding planning — but which one do you really need? Let’s break down the differences between a wedding planner, coordinator, and designer.


Making your dream wedding come to life takes a tremendous amount of effort. That’s why it can pay off to enlist the help of a professional wedding planner. 

With their extensive knowledge and experience in event planning, they’ll be able to handle all the nitty gritty while you enjoy time spent with loved ones leading up to the big day. From creating timelines, finding venues and vendors, and negotiating contracts, your wedding planner will ensure they consider all elements for an unforgettable event that runs exactly as you had envisioned.

How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost?

A Wedding Planner can come at quite a hefty price, but it is well worth the money for the stress relief and organization that they bring to the table. 

It’s important to remember that a wedding planner’s cost will not be consistent across all vendors. Prices are typically determined by experience, location, and scope of responsibility. Some wedding planners will charge a flat fee, while others may ask for an hourly rate or even a percentage of your wedding budget as payment. 

Full-service planners may cost upwards of $5,000, while some basic packages may not exceed $2,500. Ultimately, you will want to shop around and review multiple contracts to find the best value for your specific wedding needs.


A wedding coordinator, also known as a day of coordinator, is someone who will be present on-site at the actual event to ensure that every detail of your special day goes according to plan. 

Not only do they help with pre-planning tasks like budgeting, finding vendors, and creating timelines, but their major role on the big day is making sure that none of these things fall through the cracks. Their expertise helps reduce stress for the couple and their families by taking care of the nitty-gritty details so you can fully enjoy your dream day!

How Much Does A Wedding Coordinator Cost?

When planning a wedding, budget is often a top concern. One of the most important costs you will incur is the fee of your wedding coordinator. Depending on the level of help you need, wedding coordinators can charge anywhere between around $500 to thousands of dollars. 

Coordinators who offer more involved services, such as venue creation and organizing the entire event, charge higher fees; while more straightforward tasks, such as providing support during vendor meetings and day-of coordination, may cost less. 

Before selecting your coordinator, request an initial consultation to discuss what services they are offering and how much they will cost. A trusted wedding coordinator is essential in making your wedding day run smoothly, but with careful planning and due diligence, you can find both quality and affordability for your special day!


A wedding designer’s primary purpose is to turn your dream wedding into a reality. They work to create a beautiful and memorable experience that reflects both your and your partner’s personalities. 

The designer will oversee the venue’s aesthetics, décor, flowers, rentals, and more – all to get every detail just right. Not only do they keep an eye out for design elements, such as beautiful centerpieces, but they also ensure that they’re appropriate for your special day. 

From providing comfortable seating decor to suggesting traditional touches from the cultures of you and your partner, having a wedding designer creates the magic of taking your ideas from concept to implementation. With their expertise and creative skill, no matter what kind of day you envision for yourself and your loved ones, it will be complete with elegance!

How Much Does A Wedding Designer Cost?

Planning a wedding can be an expensive endeavor, and often, the costs of wedding designers are overlooked. Simply put, wedding designers’ costs are based on your specific needs. They’ll usually assign a rate for their services depending on what you need and how involved they’ll be in the event. 

Factors like preparation time, consulting calls, personalized designs, items supplied in their styling package, and location can influence the price range you’ll end up paying. Some wedding designers may even charge extra if they travel or assist with booking vendors or organizing the day-of logistics. 

It’s best to do your research thoroughly and compare prices before hiring a wedding designer to ensure that you get only the best affordable services.


To determine who you should hire, it all starts with your vision, knowing what services each type of planner offers, and determining how much help you will want for your big day. 

  • If you need help with planning every detail from start to finish, then a wedding planner is the best for you. A wedding planner offers full-service planning, from helping you set the date, to developing a budget, managing vendor contracts and budgets, and creating a timeline for the day. 
  • If you only need help on the day of, then a day of wedding coordinator will come in and assist with overseeing vendor timelines and making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the entire event. 
  • If what you’re looking for comprises more detailed work like venue décor design or building out an overall aesthetic, then a wedding designer may be what you need. They can create unique and impressive environments through special elements such as centerpieces, tablescapes, lighting designs, backdrops, and more! 

With all three options available, it’s can be hard to decide what works best for your individual needs. There are experienced professionals that can easily consult with you on what option would fit your particular situation. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the details involved in planning your wedding, consider hiring one (or more) professionals who can lend their expertise to ensure your special day runs as smoothly as possible! No matter how big or small their role in helping create your perfect vision come true—their experience and efficiency can genuinely make all the difference!

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