5 Steps to Find the Right Wedding Vendors for Your Special Day

It’s no secret that wedding planning takes a lot of, well, planning. A big part of that planning is finding the right team: trusted and... Read More

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It’s no secret that wedding planning takes a lot of, well, planning. A big part of that planning is finding the right team: trusted and experienced wedding vendors who will help make your big day the one you’ve always dreamed of.

But how do you find the right wedding vendors? Where do you even start the search?

We’ll cover all that and more. Here are 5 steps to find the wedding vendors that are right for your event.

1. Start with the venue

Your location and, ultimately, your venue will help you determine a great deal about your vendors. 

You’ll determine who you need. Some venues include vendors, like wedding coordinators, in their packages. In this case, you won’t have to look outside of the venue for that help.

You’ll determine who to trust. Many venues will share recommended vendors who they already know and trust. The final choice is up to you, but it’s often nice to have the recommendation. 

You’ll determine who can work at your venue. Some venues have trusted partners or specific vendors who can work at their location. In other situations, you may find you want to hire a vendor with previous experience at your venue, such as a caterer who knows the layout and kitchen or dining accessibility. 

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2. Prioritize your vendors.

Every couple prioritizes certain wedding vendors over others. For instance, you might prioritize the live music or entertainment over flowers, food over decor, or photography over the cost of the venue.

When it comes to vendors, what matters most is what matters to you.

Take a close look at your budget, then determine what you want to focus on and what you don’t care about as much. Put more money towards those priority vendors and stress less about your lower priorities.

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3. Research and get reviews.

Now that you’re armed with your location, venue, and vendor priorities, it’s time to start the search!

Start by Googling the local vendors for each area (caterer, photographer, DJ or band, floral arrangement, etc.). You can also reach out for names recommended by friends and family or local groups you’re part of.

Then, don’t forget reviews. Chances are, your friends and family will only recommend vendors they love. You can also back these up by looking at online reviews from other clients or customers.

In most cases, this combination will help you hone in on the top 3 – 5 choices for each type of vendor.

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4. Find out if the vendor is a fit.

Now that you have your list of potential vendors, it’s time to ensure they’re: 

  • Available for your date,
  • Fit in your budget, and
  • A good fit for your wedding

Going through this list with a simple email or phone call with each vendor will help you find out whether they’re the right option for you.

Finally, set up in-person or Zoom meetings with your top fits to see who is the right one. (Don’t worry, you’ll likely get a good gut feeling for the right vendors.)

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5. Hire (and don’t forget the tip)

Once you’ve picked the vendors you love, the only thing left to do is hire away!

You’ll likely need to sign an agreement and send the vendor either a down payment or full payment to move forward. 

Then, typically the day of your wedding, be sure you don’t forget to tip!

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And that’s it: the 5 steps you’ll need to find the right vendors for your wedding day. Follow these and you’ll be sure to find those trusted partners to make your special day all you dreamed of (and more).

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