5 Things You Need to Know for Planning a Spring Wedding

You and your fiancé have settled on a spring wedding date…congratulations!! But, before we pop the bubbly, there are a few things you need to... Read More

You and your fiancé have settled on a spring wedding date…congratulations!! But, before we pop the bubbly, there are a few things you need to know about spring weddings.

Spring is a time of growth, prosperity, and new beginnings…all things that make it the perfect time for a wedding!  

Not only is the feeling in the air right for weddings, but so is the decor. Countless floral choices, plus a neverending list of color pallets, will be at your disposal. 

So what other springtime details do you need to keep in mind for your wedding? Let’s dive right into everything you need to know about having a spring wedding.


    It isn’t only winter couples that need to watch out for seasonal holidays, you’ll need to do the same in the spring.

    When choosing your wedding date, make sure your out-of-town guests won’t compete for flights and hotels with holiday travelers and pricing. There are some pretty big travel holidays in the spring, such as spring break and Memorial Day. 

    It’s also good practice to go ahead and block rooms out for your wedding, if you have a particular hotel in mind. Make sure your guests book their flights well in advance. 

    In New England, we see more rain clouds in early spring than sunshine. A cloudy day (or even rainy day!) can still make for a beautiful wedding day, as long as you are well prepared. 

    Make sure to give your guest some suggestions about attire — like an umbrella and shoes that can walk through the soggy ground. Your bridesmaid’s dresses may need to include some accessories such as a light jacket or wrap. 

    But your best bet? Ensure you’re well prepared with a rain tent, as the ultimate backup for an outdoor venue.

    Spring is the perfect time for fresh blooms. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of beautiful colors and varieties.

    But, like anything seasonal, be careful! There are certain plants and flowers that will be in season in the summer or fall, rather than the spring. Not only may out-of-season blooms be more challenging to come across, but they’ll also be significantly more expensive too.

    As a perfect favor for a spring event, consider succulents for your wedding day. Back in 2019, succulents were a popular wedding favor, and the trend continues for 2022. Your guests will be able to take the plant home and watch it grow along with your marriage.

    Additionally, there are other spring-themed wedding favors your guests will love. Depending on your wedding theme, you might use a customized packet of seeds or cute little bird cages with a sweet treat inside.

    Like flowers, seasonal foods are always going to be a great option for your big day.

    With the help of your caterer and/or baker, choose from a wide variety of fresh fruit and spring-themed hors d’oeuvres for the menu. This is also a perfect opportunity for a light cocktail or dessert inspired by the season’s berries. 

Spring is a beautiful time of year for your wedding, but it’s important to keep these five things in mind. 

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